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Graphic Design options are unlimited! If you have an exsisting website now and just feel the need to add some ~flair~ to your current site, we can help.
Everyone has their own taste in what they are looking for in the way of graphics. These orders are customized for each client, based on your needs.

We can design for you:

Logo's or Banner's
Basic banners, that include your webpage title and url address: $25.00 each. Logo's: Email for price quote.

Background Sets
Includes Background design, with 3buttons:Home, Email, Links, 1 horizontal matching bar. $50.00 per set and up, depending on customization.

If you have images that need to be scanned, we do this at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour, with minimum being one hour. Finished images are then sent via- email to you.

Image Detailing
If you already have scanned images but they need custom detailing, we can add drop shadows, frames,etc. to those images. $50.00 per hour, rate applies, with minimum one hour.

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